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(WATCH) Constable caught on CCTV assaulting woman banker in Surat

(WATCH) Constable caught on CCTV assaulting woman banker in Surat

GUJARAT: A CCTV video showing a constable assaulting a woman staffer of a Canara Bank branch went viral.

Following the viral clip, #ShameSuratPolice started trending on the social media platform.

In the viral video, the constable can be seen pointing finger and talking loudly to the lady bank official.

In response to this, a lady staffer of a bank asks him to lower his voice. She said, “Okay but lower your voice first. We can keep arguing about it because the work cannot be done.”

A policeman’s relative, who had come along with him, told the official, “When I had come, you said its shut. And now you’re are telling him about time.”

In response, the bank official clarified that they told him that the printer was not working and now the entry cannot be done as they log out at 4 pm.

Hearing this, the cop got infuriated and manhandled and abused the lady bank official.

The constable from Gujarat’s Surat has been suspended. Besides, an FIR was registered against the constable by the police yesterday.

“Will be closely following this matter…Nothing should threaten their (bank employees) safety and dignity,” Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman tweeted.

Sitharaman further said that she has spoken to Surat Collector Dhaval Patel on the incident. “Although currently on leave, he assured me that timely action will be taken on the FIR filed late night,” she said.

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