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Watch Punjab Police’s 'Baari Barsi' Coronavirus-Awareness Dance

Watch Punjab Police’s 'Baari Barsi' Coronavirus-Awareness Dance

CHANDIGARH: Punjab Police came up with their own version of a famous song to awareness regarding the coronavirus pandemic.

Punjab Police DGP Dinkar Gupta on Saturday shared a video of police officials dancing to a self-composed version of the song ‘Baari Barsi’ for spreading awareness about COVID-19.

In the video, the Punjab police personnel advised the public to cover their mouth with an elbow while coughing and sneezing.

Further, the officials also asked people to say ‘Sat Sri Akal’ instead of handshakes.

DGP Dinkar Gupta shared the video on Twitter and wrote, “A message from the entire @PunjabPoliceInd to all. We urge all to follow the instructions. Wash your hands frequently, Stay at home and maintain Social Distance to Stay Safe. Request you all to share this video across to increase awareness amongst everyone. #PunjabFightsCorona”.

Earlier, Kerala Police came up with a video demonstrating the right way of washing hands.

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Meanwhile, the Punjab government on Sunday decided to enforce lockdown in the entire state till March 31 in the wake of the threat of coronavirus.

On Sunday morning, Punjab has reported 14 cases of the novel coronavirus.

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