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What is Maca and Its Health Benefits

Maca is a cruciferous vegetable in the same family as broccoli and cabbage. Traditionally, Peruvians used maca for anything from increasing energy and stamina to boosting libido.


✓ Heightens Libido, Sexual Function and Fertility

✓ Alleviates Menopausal Symptoms in Women

✓ May Improve Memory and Learning

✓ Boosts Energy Level and Stamina

✓ Lowers Blood Pressure

✓ Increase Glucose Tolerance

✓ Improve Bone Mass

✓ Reduces Adrenal Stress

✓ Antidepressant

✓ High in Potassium and Calcium


Maca powder can be used in overnight oats, smoothies, juices or homemade energy bars.

If you don’t like how maca tastes, you can find it in capsule or liquid extract forms as supplements. You can also take whole root.

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