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Will The Pandemic Make Human Beings Better?

Will The Pandemic Make Human Beings Better?



Human beings have faced a great number of challenges like world wars, epidemics, pandemics, natural calamities, and many sorts of atrocities in the name of power, race, and religion. The human race has been able to exist and thrive post all these occurrences. The same can be expected in the current situation despite the devastation being inflicted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

If we look at all these scenarios, it is a question of who proves to be stronger and ultimately overcomes the conflict. Mostly, all the beings existing in Nature can show a capability to adapt and survive, be it the virus or the human beings. But the main advantage that a contagious disease has is to feed off the proximity that has become an inevitable part of human life. Now when there has been an increasing emphasis on physical distancing between people, still in today’s times there is a lot of exchange of things frequently. That makes the situation difficult. The medical guidance and vaccinations are there, but the major responsibility is on how people manage themselves.

One important question that arises from this discussion is, that what humans have learned from earlier similar experiences. We are not talking about medical science learnings, our concern is with human nature and behavior. As always, several good samaritans try to find out solutions that may help the people in distress. That shows that when there is a genuine intention to help, the well-meaning people may come up with simple and workable ideas.

Another point to ponder is about the well-off people, institutions, and organizations. During normal times, they amaze the common people with their display of financial strength, so what makes them hesitant and feeble during times that demand their charitable vigor. Do they not have the capability to match up to the efforts of those well-meaning samaritans? This is more perplexing and amazing than their wonderful display mentioned earlier. Some people are ready to invest in buying a piece of land on the moon and the mars. They are ready to invest in ventures that are still on a conceptual level. All this is good. Their efforts may be required for the advancement of humanity. But is it sensitive to invest in the future and its technology (that is not assured) while ignoring the physical and psychological suffering of the masses?

People all around the world have been experiencing doubts and fears regarding the disease as well as the treatment. No doubt, this would happen. After all, a pandemic has the force to challenge all the capabilities of human existence. Such desperate times, also lead some people to re-evaluate their lives and perspectives about the world around them. One important change that has happened is that there is an enhanced appreciation of Nature. More and more people are trying to incorporate the pure and unadulterated gifts of Nature. The ever-growing new businesses are being created around these themes. Again all is good with that. One can only hope that these ventures would carry on their well-intentioned efforts into the post-pandemic times also.

Another thing to look out for is the job and work environment. The organizations and institutions had to bring certain changes due to something overwhelming. But there always has been a need to improve a lot of things in the workplace. Remote work was mandated by the pandemic. But there is so much scope to make things better even when there is no such threat. These things may include organizational policies that are aimed at providing the workers with a positive and happier work-life experience. If with the advancing times, the technologies, and the infrastructure is improved, then why not make the working conditions better also?

One can always hope that something of this magnitude as the pandemic, would direct humanity towards a better attitude towards Nature, other human beings, and all other living and non-living resources on this planet that is our home.

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