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Ban on tweet sharing of documentary made on PM Modi: Center ordered, said- this documentary of BBC spoils the image

New Delhi: The central government has ordered the blocking of tweets sharing the BBC documentary “India: The Modi Question” on PM Modi. Investigation of the documentary found that it was an attempt to malign the image. The tweets through which the YouTube link of the documentary was shared have also been blocked. These instructions have been issued by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.

This information has been given in media reports by quoting sources. At the same time, the ministry said that BBC did not make it available in India. Some YouTube channel uploaded it. It seems to have been uploaded to promote an anti-India agenda.

It is being told that YouTube has also directed to block the video from being uploaded again on its platform. Twitter has also instructed other platforms to identify and block tweets containing links to videos.

According to media reports, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has ordered that all videos shared on YouTube of the first episode of the BBC documentary be blocked. Twitter has been ordered to block over 50 tweets containing a link to a YouTube video of a BBC documentary.

These instructions were issued in exercise of emergency powers under the IT Rules, 2021. YouTube and Twitter have both followed suit. Let us tell you that this documentary has been made by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), the public broadcaster of Britain. The Government of India called it propaganda against Prime Minister Modi and the country.

The British PM also protested, on the other side, the BBC documentary was discussed in the British Parliament. Pakistani-origin MP Imran Hussain said – Narendra Modi was directly responsible for the Gujarat riots. Even now the riot victims have not got justice. He asked British PM Rishi Sunak – What do you have to say on Modi’s role in the riots?

On this Sunak had said – I do not agree at all with the way Prime Minister Modi has been shown in the BBC documentary. He said- The position of the British government is clear. We do not tolerate violence in any part of the world, but I do not agree at all with the image of PM Modi presented in the documentary.

More than 300 people from India have written letters criticizing the BBC documentary on PM Modi. These include retired judges, retired bureaucrats and retired military officers. He has accused BBC of showing bias towards India and the Prime Minister. It is written in the letter – The documentary is based on one-sided and misleading reporting. Through this our patriotic leader has been targeted.

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