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BJP MLAs arrived in Delhi Assembly with oxygen cylinders: Kejriwal said – LG stopped money for necessary schemes, Saxena denied the allegations

Delhi : The first day of the winter session of the Delhi Legislative Assembly was stormy. BJP and AAP MLAs raised slogans against each other as soon as the proceedings began. Thereafter, the proceedings were adjourned till tomorrow. On the other hand, AAP MLAs protested against the LG for not sending teachers to Finland for training. However, the LG has dismissed all the allegations.

LG office denied the allegations

According to news agency ANI, the LG office says that the proposal to send teachers to Finland for a training program has not been rejected. The statements being made in this matter are confusing. Along with this, the government has been advised to evaluate the proposal and record the cost benefit analysis of the impact on education, so that the teachers can know the effect of foreign training they have already received.

AAP’s march from Delhi Assembly to LG office

AAP MLAs marched from Delhi Assembly to LG’s office and demanded to meet him. Kejriwal and Deputy CM Manish Sisodia also participated in this march. LG has not accepted the demand of meeting with AAP MLAs. However, he has agreed to meet Kejriwal and Sisodia.

Kejriwal said – LG does not have the right to take an independent decision

Kejriwal says LG stopped yoga classes. Teachers were stopped from going to Finland. He also withheld the money of Mohalla Clinic. LG does not have the authority to take an independent decision. He said that in 2018, the constitution bench of SC had ruled that the LG has the right to decide on police-land-public order. The LG does not have the right to say no to whatever matter the Delhi government sends, either he will say yes or he will send the matter to the President, but the LG does not follow the constitution.

Proceedings adjourned for 10 minutes. Proceedings began at 11 am today. AAP MLAs raised slogans against LG Saxena and reached the Well. On this BJP also started raising slogans against CM Kejriwal. After the uproar, the proceedings were adjourned in 10 minutes. After this, again the BJP MLAs reached the Well carrying placards and started raising slogans. Now the proceedings have been adjourned till Tuesday.

BJP MLA arrived with oxygen cylinder

Earlier, BJP MLAs reached the Delhi Assembly wearing oxygen masks and carrying oxygen cylinders. They say that the people of Delhi are dying from the poisonous air and Kejriwal is not doing anything. He should resign.

Winter session will run till January 18

The winter session will continue till January 18. For the last few days, a round of allegations and counter-allegations is going on between BJP and AAP. Seeing this, it seems that the current session can be uproar. There will be no question hour in this session.

it is possible to discuss these

In view of the tussle between the elected government and the lieutenant governor over the power of the government in Delhi, it is believed that the MLAs of the ruling party may bring a proposal to discuss this issue in the assembly today. There is a possibility of discussion on this matter that the right to give orders to officials for development works in Delhi should remain with the elected government.

Even before this, the Privileges Committee of the Delhi Legislative Assembly has summoned the officials on various issues and reprimanded them. The committee has also questioned the officials especially on the issues of Delhi Jal Board Fund and non-supply of medicines to Mohalla clinics and hospitals. Even before the commencement of the session, the BJP is besieging the government on this issue.

Leader of Opposition raised questions on the government

On Friday, Leader of Opposition in the Assembly Rambir Singh Bidhuri had raised questions in a press conference. He said that the government is avoiding accountability. Bidhuri has alleged that Question Hour is not held in the current session, he also demanded that the session be of at least ten days instead of three days.

Deputy CM can bring Delhi GST amendment bill

According to the Business List, Deputy CM Manish Sisodia laid on the Table of the House 7th Annual Report of Delhi Technological University for the year 2020-2023, 19th Annual Report of Indraprastha Power Generation Company Limited for the financial year 2019-20, Financial Year 2019-20 19th Annual Report of Pragati Power Corporation Limited for the financial year 2019-20, copy of Annual Report of Delhi Transco Limited for the financial year 2019-20. Along with this, ‘The Delhi Goods and Services Tax (Amendment) Bill, 2023’ will also be introduced.

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