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Jathedar Amritpal’s health deteriorated: Amritsar reached Fortis Hospital at 2:30 pm after panic; Doctor waiting for MRI report

Amritsar: Waris Punjab De Jathedar Amritpal Singh’s health suddenly deteriorated last night. He has been admitted to Fortis Escort Hospital in Amritsar at 2.30 pm. The doctors have got his tests done. Most of the reports are fine, whereas doctors will be able to tell something about their illness only after the arrival of some reports. At present his condition is stable.

BP found elevated

According to the information received from the hospital, Jathedar Amritpal reached Fortis Hospital in Amritsar at 2.30 pm. He was in Muktsar Sahib when his health deteriorated. He felt nervous during the night. After which he was taken to the hospital in Amritsar. According to the doctors, his BP was high.

MRI report awaited

All the tests conducted in the morning by Fortis Escort Hospital have come back fine. Doctors say that his MRI has also been done. Whose report is awaited. They will be given leave only after the report comes.

improvement in condition compared to night

According to the doctors, his condition is now improving. He had to face problem due to BP at night. Now his condition is said to be stable.

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